Why I Write

Why start this blog? Well, back in April, I wrote an article for The Mighty. It touched a lot of people. Since then, I’ve had endless ideas for articles to write…and I’ve also had writer’s block. That article is a tough act to follow!

I’ve decided to start a blog instead, so that maybe I will feel a little less pressured to tell the “right” story all the time. I am doing this in part for myself, as an outlet. I am also doing it with the hope that those who have chronic conditions might be able to relate or at least feel less alone, and the hope that maybe those without chronic conditions can understand those of us who have them a little better.

I am trying to go through a bit of a transformation these days. Not long after I wrote the above-mentioned article, I found myself awake at 3 AM in the midst of a fibromyalgia flare. I felt so bad that suddenly, something inside me snapped. I needed to get better. I had spent such a long time without much hope for improvement in my fibro – drugs didn’t work, I couldn’t exercise, even knitting (my favorite hobby!) was difficult. The pain was ridiculous, and I was fed up.

I did some searching. I can’t even remember where I started out (presumably on Google), but I wound up eventually finding some books that seemed like they might be useful. I also found out about fibromyalgia coaches, and a few days later, I got in touch with one. She and I had a long initial consultation, and she seemed to have a lot of helpful information to offer. I’ve had 2 sessions with her since then, and we are taking baby steps but I know her approach is helping.

I finally have some hope back that maybe I can improve my life. I am goi0520161657ng to try to hold onto that hope at all costs.


Tell your story, tell it, tell it
Tell your story to anyone who’ll listen
Tell your story, don’t stop talking
Just tell your story walking
-Deb Talan


4 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. knowing that you have someone who cares and is willing to help makes things a bit easier, and that bit may be what you need to get through the day. i’ve learned to take pleasure in the teeny tiny things (like hummingbirds!) and every moment you are distracted is a moment without the pain.

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  2. Good luck on your journey to better health. I’m now 73, and have had CF and Fibromyalgia since I was in my early 30’s, You can, with the proper care, improve enough to want to get out of bed most mornings. It’s a beautiful world and you will get to enjoy it, that’s a promise.


  3. Your article was eye-opening and beautifully written, as I’m sure your blog will be. Blogging is a wonderful outlet. My story is different than yours, and my community may be a little different than yours, but the best thing that happened to me when facing the full lonely impact of infertility was finding an outlet and an online community. It has made all the difference, and I hope it does for you, too. Happy birth of your blog!


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