I have many blog posts in my head that want to be written, but lately I have been having a lot of trouble with my eyes and so I cannot look at the screen for very long. (That was my aforementioned “good excuse” for not posting – there’s a heck of a lot more to the story than that, but this is what you’re getting for now).

Today I am feeling frustrated. I went to a music festival on Saturday, which was absolutely amazing and which I really want to post about, but I’ll have to wait until another time for that. I gave myself Sunday and Monday to recuperate, and last night I went to a Crafting Circle at a friend’s house.

Of course, my body has thrown a few wrenches into my plans, as it likes to do. This time, it’s not the fibro – or at least, not really. The fibro has taken a backseat for now. My eyes, which are extremely irritated due to allergies and blepharitis, are going crazy even though I am doing exactly what the doctor said (warm compresses, washing carefully around my eyes) and using prescription eye drops and preservative-free lubricant eye drops. As I type this, I am sitting in my apartment with no lights on. The blinds are partly open, but it’s not very bright in here. I am wearing sunglasses. Really.

I hope this isn’t my new normal. I had to cancel with the cleaning lady for today because I just need to rest. I don’t want to rest, but my eyes won’t let me do much that involves keeping them open.

That said, some days are much worse than others. My eyes were mostly OK over the weekend, but yesterday was terrible, and I was even considering not going to the Crafting Circle because of it, but I was mostly all right until right before I left. The drive home at night was very hard. I had to be really careful, since the street lights really bothered my eyes and I couldn’t very well put my sunglasses on to drive home at night. Luckily, my friend’s house is only about a 10-minute drive away.

On top of this, I seem to have sciatica. That took me completely by surprise. I got up from the couch on Sunday night, and all of a sudden my butt hurt so much on the left side that I could barely walk. My husband thought it probably had to do with the sciatic nerve, and when I looked it up, I knew he was right – the pain was in the exact places where the nerve is. So how the heck did I end up with this?! I don’t know. It’s not nearly bad enough for me to see a doctor about – the pain has eased off a lot since Sunday night – but I don’t know what I should or should not be doing about it, if anything. I am praying it will just go away on its own because I do not want to deal with yet more doctors and the possibility of physical therapy.

I’m kind of feeling like I can’t catch a break right now…but on the other hand, I’ve been doing a lot of fun things. I went to a 4th of July BBQ at a friend’s that was really great. Good food, excellent company. I’ve been helping my mom with something kind of exciting (I won’t mention what, out of respect for her privacy). I went to the music festival on Saturday and the Crafting Circle last night.

Life is really good right now…but today sucks. I’m not sure how to make it better, since I can’t do much without bothering my eyes and I don’t want to get back into bed. Yesterday I spent most of the day listening to music and chilling out, but as much as I enjoy listening to music, just sitting around while I do it is not really my style.

This makes me wonder what blind people do to keep themselves occupied. Of course, they’re much more used to this than I am, at least if they’ve been blind for a while. Anyway, I’m totally open to suggestions for what I can do today! Please respond if you can think of anything.

Thanks for reading!


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