Fibromyalgia is stupid.

I know, that’s a deep thought there in the subject line. In all seriousness, though, that is how I feel. There is very little rhyme or reason to my fibro, as far as I can tell. Some people talk about patterns with their pain. For me, there are very few patterns.

Here are some things I know are usually likely to make me hurt:

  • Extremes in temperature
  • Eating too much sugar or staying up too late, or both (I have a tendency to do both!)
  • Standing for too long (sometimes “too long” is only a few minutes; other times, it’s much longer than that)
  • Sitting in an uncomfortable chair
  • Staying in bed for too long
  • Spending too much time at the computer

Other than that, it’s anyone’s guess. I can sometimes be fairly active without consequence. Other times, the smallest activity will result in severe pain. Then there are the times when all I have to do is move a certain way, and I will suddenly wind up in tremendous pain. There isn’t anything that is guaranteed to trigger a flare, and there isn’t anything that is guaranteed not to trigger a flare.

If you have fibromyalgia or chronic pain, what triggers your flares? Do you know, or do they work in mysterious ways like mine?

I know humidity is a common trigger, but for me, it’s a wild card. Snow, on the other hand, will almost always send me into a flare. Winters are also very difficult for me because my digestion slows down in the colder weather, causing stomach pain and nausea.

Which do you find is more difficult for you personally, heat or cold? I know that varies from person to person.

A lot of doctors now think fibromyalgia is caused by nerve pain. I have never believed that in my own case. To me, it has always felt like it is in the muscles. Medication for nerve pain has not helped me. (I am currently taking Neurontin, but only because it has a sedative effect that seems to help me sleep. Lyrica did nothing for me except cause me to put on about 40 pounds in the space of just a few months – not helpful, to say the least!)

I recently happened upon a theory that fibromyalgia is caused by problems in the fascia. This makes much more sense to me.

What do you think? Nerve pain? Fascia? Something else (or a combination of factors)? I’d love to hear from you.


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