Today, I am going to a party at a friend’s house. I am looking forward to it! Some of our mutual friends will be there, too, and it should be a really good time.

As my Fibromyalgia Coach would say, this party is “flare-worthy.” I’ve taken some precautions to try not to end up with a flare, though, and other precautions in case I do have one.

First precaution: making sure I had plenty of time to rest yesterday, and plenty of time to rest tomorrow. I have nothing on the schedule for tomorrow except a grocery delivery that will be coming sometime in the late afternoon. As for yesterday, I had an appointment with my psychotherapist in the early afternoon and had to bake a dish to bring to the party later in the afternoon, but I did manage to get some rest and relax with my husband later.

I also didn’t take a shower like I was planning to – I don’t smell bad or anything, but I’d really wanted to wash my hair so it would look good today. Showers are difficult, though. Some people experience relief from a hot shower. (I used to, way back before I had fibro.) These days, showers can sometimes feel good, and sometimes make me feel a hundred times worse. It’s impossible to know beforehand. Since I was already low on energy yesterday by the time I would have showered, I opted not to. It’s more important to feel good for this party than to look good.

My eyes are still bothering me a lot, so I’ll be bringing eye drops with me and will try to get myself to actually use them. I’ll also be bringing my big sunglasses, my normal sunglasses, and my regular glasses. (Not sure which combination thereof I’ll be wearing to drive over there!) It’s a sunny day, and even if it weren’t, I would probably still need the sunglasses.

Also, I’ll be bringing pain meds (just in case), and saline spray for my nose, which is still not doing well (I’ll spare you the gory details for now and just say I’m still recovering from that massive nosebleed and my fall allergies are in full force). Maybe I should also bring an extra pocket pack of tissues (I know my friend has tissues at her house, but I don’t know if I’ll be near them when I need them).

I’ll have to do my daily stretches ahead of time (nothing strenuous). Not sure what other preparations need to be made…I feel like I must be forgetting something, but then, I always feel that way!

What do you find that you have to do in order to prepare for things like this? I’ve been getting a lot of experience in this sort of thing over the past few months, but there’s still plenty to learn!

It is now time to go finish preparing everything (including myself) and then…party time!


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